With meticulous attention to detail, Shelf Space Organizing tackles every space of your home to create a feeling of balance and order.  From kitchens and pantries, to playrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, home offices, garages and more, we design carefully considered solutions that work for you.

  • Reworking the Everyday

It should be simple to quickly find, access and put away your items. We'll learn how you use your space, and design customized systems to bring easy functionality to your home.

  • Purging

We’ll provide guidance on sorting through your items and unloading unwanted goods, including help with donations, consignment, haul-away and recycling.

  • Life Transitions

Big life changes - a new baby, marriage, divorce, renovations - affect how you use your space. We’ll help you reorganize to best accommodate your new requirements.  

  • Downsizing

Downsizing can be a challenge. We'll help you assess what you want to bring to your new home, assist with purging and ensure your new space is fully optimized.




An organized, efficient office helps clarify what you have and what you need, enabling you to more easily make informed business decisions. With this clarity and efficiency in mind, Shelf Space Organizing optimizes your office space to boost productivity, save money and help your business put its best face forward.

  • Smarter Workflow

Understanding how you and your employees work in your office, we’ll configure sensible workflow and storage solutions that improve efficiency, saving time and money for your business.

  • Organized Supplies

Frequently, an office’s supply closet becomes a dumping ground full of everything except the item you’re looking for. We’ll tackle your supply storage, organize your supplies and purge unneeded items. When we’re done, you'll easily see what you have, find what you need and maintain a sensible supply inventory.

  • Professional Look

We’ll help you improve the impression you make on clients and customers by presenting a more professional, organized office setting.

  • Happier Employees

We’ll enhance the workplace experience and satisfaction of your employees by creating a calm and orderly environment.



Unpack & Set-Up

Shelf Space will quickly unpack and set up your new home or office after the chaos, stress and disruption of a move.

  • Start on the Right Foot

We’ll put sensible systems in place at the outset, maximizing space, flow and efficiency in your new home or office from the start.

  • Back to Business

We’ll help complete the time-consuming chore of unpacking, saving you time and allowing you to get back to your routine. Save those days off for something else!

  • No More Carryout

Tackling a kitchen can seem daunting after the exhaustion of a move. We’ll unpack and set up your kitchen quickly so you can finally cook and eat at home again.




For clarity and transparency, before we begin we’ll work with you to establish the scope of your project.

  • Initial Consultation

In-home / in-office consultation to analyze your space and discuss your project, goals and budget.  
$100 for a one-hour initial consultation.

  • Session Pricing

Covers all time spent on project, including time spent on site, shopping, unpacking or coordinating item disposal. 
$450 for a three-hour session with a team of two organizers.

  • Package Pricing

Discounted pricing for projects of ten hours or more.
$130 per hour for a team of two organizers. 

  • Refresh

One hour in-home / in-office refresher to keep you on track and make adjustments as needed. 
$150 per hour for a team of two organizers.