Our Story

Shelf Space Organizing was born when we realized we share a unique enthusiasm (obsession) for organizing. We get a charge out of an ordered space, and honestly think it’s fun to optimize kitchens, closets, offices and more. With this unusual passion in common, we decided to join forces and help others attain the satisfaction that comes from decluttering and organizing. While we have always been neatniks, we understand that organizing doesn’t necessarily come naturally to everyone. We help our clients take charge of their spaces, cut through the clutter and learn the skills to create and maintain more order, balance and efficiency.



Our Founders

Kerrie sullivan, shelf space organizing, annapolis, maryland, Professional organizer


Kerrie has been organized since childhood. After organizing her own belongings, she soon realized the joy of knowing where things were. It wasn’t long before this became an important part of who she was. As an adult, this passion for order has become more useful. Having spent time as a traveling nurse moving every few months, she became proficient at quickly unpacking and creating an organized space. Now as a nurse practitioner in a busy practice, wife and mother of three teenagers, being organized helps Kerrie stay on top of every aspect of her life. Having an ordered home and office brings her calm, energy and a sense of control even in life’s busiest moments.



Susan enjoys nothing more than reworking a junk drawer from an unspeakable mess to an orderly hub of necessities. There were always signs of her affliction - the neatly arranged crayons, the need to reorder her room before exams, the tidy side of the dorm, the year-by-year folders of her kids’ best school work. She has always been driven to declutter and find a sensible place for everything. Susan has found, in her various roles as the logistical coordinator of a busy family and a free-lance consultant, that being organized provides her the time and space to be more effective at everything she does. With Shelf Space Organizing, she loves helping others attain the satisfaction that comes from organizing a space and keeping it that way.  

susan hill, shelf space organizing, annapolis, maryland, professional organizer